Sunday, December 12, 2004

'God is in the plot details'

I guess those of us who love the movies realise by now that many of them have religious themes running through them -- not always obvious. In a highly cynical article, Kim Lenekin lists the religious themes in movies of 2004 by religion. There's Christianity - ancient and modern; Islam; Judaism; Buddhism; Shyamalanism; and Atheism (interesting that atheism is considered a religion by this author). It's difficult to know what the point of this article is -- but I guess one conclusion is that religion -- in distorted form -- seems to have been the flavour of the year. But where is a realistic, serious, positive portrayal of religion? I don't know of a movie that I have seen this year that suggests that religion might be a good thing? Is that because there aren't any models of positive, life-enhancing religion? I find it hard to believe that. But it is scary that they're not obvious!


  1. Its a bit hard at times to accept that religion is life enhancing. So much religion is associated with violence, death and destruction to those who don't acept the "truth". Historically, religion only seems to become relatively benign and harmless where it is displaced by a viable secular state.

  2. I agree with you to some extent, Anonymous. However, if we look for them, I think there are many, many examples of religion doing good.