Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Movie Review: Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

There is absolutely nothing of any value in the movie Deuce Bigolow: European Gigolo. So why am I reviewing it? Because I had occasion to see it along with two other movies recently and, because so many people seem to praise the Deuce Bigalow movies, I thought I would force myself to sit through it. Rob Schneider is one of the writers responsible for this mindless trash and plays the leading role as Deuce Bigalow. Deuce is in trouble in his homeland and is tricked into traveling to Amsterdam to become a 'man whore' by T J Hicks (Eddie Griffin), who is a 'man-whore' pimp. Other man-whores are being murdered and Deuce goes undercover to help TJ find out who the perpetrator is. The storyline (and the DVD cover left) should be enough to put you off seeing this movie. It is filled with offensive "comedy" including making fun of a Chernobyl victim who is deformed because she was born with a penis for her nose. You can imagine the crass jokes that surround this character in the movie. The movie is nothing more than a string of immature toilet humour and explicit sexual references that are completely innane and mostly offensive. I heard language in this movie that I haven't heard in a movie for years! And the majority of the audience watching the film were teenagers who were all laughing at what I wouldn't consider even funny. The sad thing is that many of these teenagers probably wouldn't go and see a genuinely good comedy with substance. What I can't understand is why some people in our community try to ban important movies (like the recent Mysterious Skin) because they deal with significant social issues in a relatively explicit way, but you don't see them doing anything about the truly "pornographic" garbage like Deuce Bigalow. Give this movie the widest berth you can possibly give it. There is absolutely no reason to waste your time and money on such composted drivel. My Rating: 0 (out of 5) Positive Review 'As before, there are moments, when Schneider is turned loose to do his anything-goes, creepy-funny shtick, that are crudely inspired.' - Scott Foundas/LA Weekly Negative Review 'Not that there are any actual jokes to be had. The film simply jumps to the punch lines, a non-stop barrage of crude dialogue and vulgar sight gags that passes as humor among adolescent boys. Who exactly is the audience for this R-rated film? The terminally immature?' - Sean Axmaker/Seattle Post-Intelligencer More Christian Reviewer Quotes Film Forum, 08/18/05: 'You could go see Rob Schneider's new comedy Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Or you could just read the jokes on the walls of public restrooms. According to critics, the two experiences are quite similar.' David DiCerto (Catholic News Service): a "brainless and disastrously distasteful sequel. … The much raunchier follow-up wallows in juvenile sexual and scatological sight gags that succeed in lowering the already gutter-level bar set by the original. It seems that even rock bottom sometimes has a trap door." Adam R. Holz (Plugged In): "As the film started, I braced myself for a barrage of offensive material—and it rained down just as I expected. But after about the fifth genital-related joke, it ceased to be offensive as much as it was just mind-numbing. Is that all you've got? I wondered. For me, the overall effect of so much sexualized humor was not outrage (though that would be warranted) as much as sheer boredom. When every line of dialogue is working so hard to shock you, it has exactly the opposite effect."

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