Sunday, February 19, 2006

Book Review: Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible

The Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible is a mammoth survey of issues related to reading and interpreting the Bible theologically. It has received glowing accolades from scholars. It's aim is 'to provide clarification, analysis, an evaluation of various approaches to biblical interpretation currently available in the marketplace, with a view to assessing their theological significance -- in particular, their value for reading Scripture in and for the community of the faithful.' Included in the dictionary are articles on every book of the Bible outlining the history of interpretation associated with them, the books' message, their structure, major themes, and their significance for theology. The dictionary also covers the various literary genres found in the Bible and their role in theological interpretation. Want to know about African biblical interpretation? post-modern approaches to Scripture? art and the Bible? significant thinkers' approaches to the Bible like Karl Barth or Augustine? covenant theology? form criticism? the theme of law? medieval interpretation of the Bible? mysticism? slavery? You can find articles on all these and more -- the dictionary is packed full of fascinating reading on all aspects of theological intepretation of the Bible. If you have an interest in responsible theological interpretation of Scripture or just want to know about the richness of approaches to understanding the Bible, then this dictionary will be an excellent addition to your library. Related Links

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