Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Movie Review: Aeon Flux

There's nothing quite so entertaining as a good science fiction movie and Aeon Flux fits the bill -- mostly. A virus has wiped out 85% of humans on earth and those surviving have built a city protected from the 'natural world' and where life is paradisical. But something is not quite right. People disappear suddenly and without trace. Some experience feelings that things are not quite right but can't quite put their finger on the problem. The government is increasingly oppressive under the guise of protecting its citizens. A small group of rebels plot to overthrow the government and liberate the people. Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) is a member of this group, the Monicans, who is sent on a mission to kill the chairman to make way for a coup. But things get very complicated when Aeon discovers that all is not as it seems. I'm not going to reveal the theme of Aeon Flux except to say that it raises some questions and possibilities related to something that scientists are working on right now. The concepts underlying the story are the saving grace of the film -- without them it wouldn't be worth watching. Aeon Flux works on the level of entertainment and has an intriguing premise. The special effects are creative and the action fast-paced. Fortunately, the storyline manages to make up for some very two-dimensional acting and stilted dialogue, although, some friends I was with when I saw the movie suggested that this was to be expected as part of the nature of the characters. Mmmm.... not sure about that. At times, one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe the movie was merely an opportunity to show off the beautiful body of Chalize Theron (whose stint in this film is no where up to her brilliance in Monster or North Country) and the latest fashion. But it is an entertaining 93 minutes with some provocative suggestions about ... well... I'll let you find out. My Rating: ***1/2 (out of 5) Positive Review 'It's all so geekily gorgeous, it hardly matters that the narrative lapses in and out of incoherence and the dialogue is functional at best.' - Jason Anderson/The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Negative Review 'Aeon Flux is by far the year's worst movie, a most dubious achievement.' Lou Lumenick/New York Post Content Warning Sequences of violence and sexual content

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