Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Book Review: Rumours of Another World

If you have ever read a Philip Yancey book before, you won't need much encouragement to read Rumours of Another World: What On Earth Are We Missing? Yancey takes an age-old topic -- the idea that there are hints of something more to our world than what we see -- and breathes new life into a meditation on the ways we need to learn to see rumours of a transcendant reality. Yancey's writing is superb -- intelligent, profound, personal, and practical. He draws on great literature to illustrate his overarching theme. His specific audience is those people who live at the 'borderlands of belief -- a place between doubt and faith'. And he communicates superbly. A survey of any Christian bookstore will overwhelm you wil mountains of superficial dross. But Yancey is one contemporary Christian author that really has something to say and says it in the most compelling, convicting way. His writing is fresh, unique, and evocative. He tackles issues that we moderns naturally shy away from -- guilt (he calls it a gift!), suffering, and sex. Don't miss reading this book if you want a re-visioning of the world we live in and the way it persistently, but quietly, points us to something beyond the visible.

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