Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Book Review: Darwin Strikes Back

Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent DesignDarwin Strikes Back is a sequel to Thomas Woodward’s book, Doubts About Darwin. Woodward is an historian of the Intelligent Design movement who, despite his obvious allegiance to it, provides an objective account of the attempts by Darwinian proponents to deal with Intelligent Design. Woodward provides clearly documented evidence of the struggle between the reigning naturalistic paradigm of evolution and the increasingly significant perspective of Intelligent Design.

Darwin Strikes Back is devastatingly clear in showing how Darwinist critiques of Intelligent Design are often misinformed and consisting of vacuous rhetoric that descends to personal attacks, misrepresentation, and avoidance of the real scientific issues in question. Woodward’s scientific explanations are refreshingly clear and compelling and his evidence of the rhetoric on both sides of the debate are carefully documented, allowing the reader to follow up on the literature.

The evidence is absolutely clear that Darwinism is in crisis - the evidence for macro-evolution is completely inadequate (unlike micro-evolution which is accepted by everyone on both sides of the debate). The cracks in the foundation of Darwinism are being exposed, not only by Intelligent Design theorists, but also by those who are highly respected non-theist evolutionary scholars themselves. The resistance to the implications of the empirical evidence by Darwinian proponents is incredible and the way that public "debate" is carried out is shown, by Woodward, to be the opposite of the open, honest inquiry that Darwin himself practiced.

Darwin Strikes Back is must reading for anyone interested in the debate over Intelligent Design - whatever side of the debate one is on.

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