Saturday, September 22, 2007

Book Review: Our Little Secret

Our Little SecretIt is difficult to imagine a more evil crime than an adult sexually abusing a child. On a daily basis, children have their childhoods completely destroyed, often by people they love. Duncan Fairhurst was one of those children. His father began to sexually abuse him when Duncan was four years old and it continued for more than a decade. Duncan Fairhurst tells his story in the book Our Little Secret. It is a harrowing read. Duncan goes into explicit detail about the sexual molestation perpetrated by his father - how it started, what he did, it’s escalation over time, and the psychological manipulation that led to Duncan carrying this secret into adulthood. (Please note the Content Advice below.) After Duncan’s life hit rock bottom - alcoholism, drug use and abuse, imprisonment - he finally managed to turn his life around and took his father to court and successfully had him imprisoned. Duncan has written his story to raise our awareness of this devastating social evil and to give hope and courage to those who have experienced sexual abuse as children. It is a deeply disturbing story and takes some courage to read it. But we have to know what happens to these innocent children who have their lives destroyed. More than that, we need to act if we have any suspicions about children we know who may be being abused. Our children are vulnerable - it is up to us to do all we can to protect them from those who package their self-interested abuse as love and steal from them the deepest experience that any human can have - deep, nurturing, loving relationships with people they can trust. Content Advice highly explicit descriptions of pedophile sexual activity


  1. Horrific.

    Just horrific.

    I am involved in a university seminar in which my subject likes young, slim boys. Equally horrific.


  2. I am the author of said book and would like to ask the Thinking Christian what he thinks about the Church of Englands child protection policy document?

  3. Duncan... I haven't seen the Church of England policy so can't comment on it. I'd be interested in your thoughts, though.

  4. I leave this note in the hope that Duncan Fairhurst will read. I have just finished reading 'our little secret' and words cannot describe how much this book moved me. It is so powerful and honest! I have suffered a different kind of abuse and was a regular drug and alcohol user. I have now turned the corner and have got back into education and been able to put the past behind me. I have been looking on the internet frantically since i put the book down to send something...anything. It is put simply.......An inspirational masterpiece.

  5. i am the other victim named ^ robert ^ in this book. I have had numerous breakdowns since the abuse stopped. If it wasnt for duncan i would have never told anyone. Most satisfying watching that evil bastard going down in lincoln crown court. Hope he rots in hell