Friday, April 25, 2008

Movie Review: U2 3D

U2 3D [Theatrical Release]I became a fan of the band U2 last night. Until then, I knew of U2’s existence, popularity, and interest in social justice issues but hadn’t really sat down and listened to any of their music. Then the band’s new movie U2 3D arrived in my local cinema and I started reading very positive reviews. One was by a reviewer who was "into" classical music and opera singing. He said he went along to the movie and was "blown away" (my paraphrase). That intrigued me. So, last night, I decided to go and check out the movie. I, too, was "blown away". U2 3D is a concert movie filmed as the band traveled on their 2006 "Vertigo" tour through South America. It is the first live-action movie to be filmed, edited, and shown entirely in 3D using the most number of cameras in any one 3D project. The result is a stunning 92 minutes of music showing just what the 3D medium is capable of. U2 3D is pure concert -- no interviews, no "behind-the-scenes", no narration. From beginning to end I felt like I was actually at the concert and the 3D format is truly phenomenal as I traveled around the stage and up close with the musicians as they were playing. The views from the perspective of the massive audience really made me feel like was there. The cinematography is superb, the band and its music inspirational and exciting, and although the concert has been constructed from seven different concerts, it felt like I was only at one. U2’s lyrics are profound, ironic, and contemporary. There is a very powerful, intimate moment when Bono’s outstretched arm hovers over the audience (including the cinema) as the song, "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" becomes a call for world peace between Christians, Jews, and Muslims. U2 3D is only being released in 3D and Imax cinemas so it may not be shown in your cinema if they do not have the technology. But if it comes near you, make sure you go to see it. Even if you are not into rock music, this movie is a must-see. Not only was it entertaining, but the message of the band about social justice hits home with immense power. This movie experience is one of the highlights of my movie year so far. It transcends anything done before. I’m rushing out to find some more of their music! My Rating: ***** (out of 5) Positive Review ’U2 3D takes the well-traveled concert film to exhilarating new heights.’ - Michael Rechtshaffen/The Hollywood Reporter Negative Review ’What it brings to the filming of a rock concert other than novelty remains to be seen.’ Joel Selvin/San Francisco Chronicle USA: G AUS: G

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  1. My husband is a HUGE fan of U2, and he loved the concert.

    I personally got a little bored towards the end (too much same-old-same-old, once you've seen them all from every angle there's not much left to see), but I did enjoy it more than going to the concert. We were in the nose-bleed seats for that, after all.

    Just one little niggle: the movie is rated G, not M15+. To get an M rating they would have had to throw in a sex scene or two :-P