Sunday, August 17, 2008

Christian atheism

more about "Christian atheism", posted with vodpod


  1. Technically it isn't violence that makes people atheists, but antitheists.

    If there is bad stuff in the name of God occuring, you can say "religion is evil", but enless you are using theodicity, you can't declare atheism.

    Of course, violence isn't the only possibility...

  2. I think that God is used by people of all religious persuasions to justify their actions which are often motivated by injustice, fear and intolerance. Authentic Christianity must be grounded in what we can discern about the person of Jesus before his death and not necessarily what he became to Christians after his death.

  3. I enjoyed the video. Christianity seems to have lost it's importance when it encourages violence.

    Islam is a more extreme measure of the same thing. I would hate to see Christianity follow the path of Islam by forcing everyone to believe as they do. Religion should be kept out of schools and government. You can get all the religion you want by going to the many different churches that abound in North America. Schools need not teach religion of any kind because the churches and Sunday schools
    are saturated with the words of the Bible.

    Religious people should not
    care about what others believe, they should leave the quibbling to the children in the school yard.

    As to the statement "Christian atheism", I hardly believe there is such a thing.