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Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon (3D)

How to Train Your Dragon

Released: 2010

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How to Train Your Dragon 3D is SO GOOD!

Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) is a young, hapless Viking who wants to be like every other person in the village and learn to hunt and kill dragons — because that is the done thing. But he really doesn’t have the skill or the desire to achieve this goal. But his people see killing a dragon as a rite of passage to adulthood. He accidentally befriends a dragon (one of the most feared by the clan) and begins to learn that everything he has been taught about dragons could very well be wrong!

Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders (the directors) have brought us one of the most enjoyable, stunning animations I’ve ever seen. And in 3D it moves into the absolutely brilliant! The story is fresh and engaging. The animation is superb and detailed. There is great character development and plenty of action sequences. And the 3D is perhaps the best ever done for an animated film. Everything about this movie is spot on — I can’t praise it highly enough. It is a truly fantastic family movie (although perhaps not for really little kids — parents need to heed the PG rating). And the central message to not believe everything we read and are told is a timely one for our contemporary youth.

Get to the cinema and see this movie and make sure you see it in 3D if you can!


Positive Review
‘Rouses you in conventional ways, but it's also the rare animated film that uses 3-D for its breathtaking spatial and emotional possibilities.’ – Owen Gleiberman/Entertainment Weekly

Negative Review
‘Adequate but unremarkable animated tale.’ – Ella Taylor/Village Voice

Content Advice
sequences of intense action and some scary images, and brief mild language


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  1. *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT* If I view this movie as a "Thinking Christian", then I'd point out that the dragons aren't really the Vikings' enemies -- it's the big bad DRAGON that's causing the smaller dragons to attack the village and make off with the sheep and whatnot. That made me remember that those who are not part of the Kingdom of God aren't our *enemies* -- SATAN is our enemy, and those poor folks are unwilling or unknowing slaves to sin.