Sunday, July 18, 2010

Interview with Peter Hitchens about 'The Rage Against God'

Did you know that Christopher Hitchens, the outspoken atheist, has a brother, Peter, who became a Christian after being an atheist? Peter has written a book called The Rage Against God: How atheism led me to faith. I haven't read it but it is on my list. Here is a brief video of an interview with Peter Hitchens.

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  1. Not sure if it is fitting to post here,but here is a Poem I wrote called

    "My Royal Family"

    With your word you have set me free,
    Ignited my spirit, like you, I strive to be.
    Free! no ties , no lies, binding me.
    By your mercy, your grace, at last I can see.

    Your yoke hangs gently around my neck,
    easy and light, just like you had said.
    If not by you, then who? This I can not fathom,
    I belong to you, this is not random.

    By choice?... My choice?... How can this be?
    Wasn't it He, who chose to save me.

    Mercy and grace, given abundantly.
    Eternally grateful for adopting me.

    From that day forward, I awake Free.
    No longer enslaved by powers other than thee.

    Royal garments, I now own.
    By my Father Given , who covers skin and bone.

    I Pick up My Scepter! On goes my Royal Robe!
    My Fathers the king, I now sit by His throne.

    First born yes! That is me,
    First born of His Royal family.

    By: Giovanni