Sunday, May 29, 2011

Proclaim - Church Presentation Software

Here's an interesting piece of software, shortly to be released, that allows the production of presentations in churches using internet cloud-based technology. Check out the video below to see a brief presentation. You can sign up to be notified when free trials become available.

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  1. So glad we don't have this techy stuff in our Jewish synagogue - all that gadget stuff would certainly interfere with our prayers to the Almighty. I like to daven/prayer with kavannah which is the ability to concentrate on one single object (God and God alone) for extended stretches of time, rather than being scattered. My mind is scattered right now. I have too many thoughts to contend with, income taxes, early spring gardening, business obligations, our grandchildren’s upcoming birthdays How can I pull out of this tailspin? The practice of concentrating on one thing at a time has always helped me to center myself.
    Having music blaring in my ears and slideshows to wow me into believing that I am connecting to the Almighty is to me so foolish.