Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Atheism 2.0

Very interesting lecture by Alain de Botton on what atheism can learn from religions. A good reminder for Christians, too, about some of the better aspects of religion.

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  1. If we aren’t talking about the consequences for either side when grievances are expressed, in other words if there is no process for dealing with grievances, then there is no dialog.

    2.0 would be about right, because atheism has already moved on to at least version 8. The parts of this talk that I like; about education, including the body, art and ritual are well known in the secular world. The rest is a thin masking of complaints about some atheists that don’t represent everybody or the movement, if there is one.

    This is exposed at the end when he suggests atheists need to be polite when someone mentions prayer. Atheists have been doing that for centuries. If they don’t, there have been and still are consequences.