Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movie Review: Brave

Head off to the movies with your kids as soon as you can to see the delightful, fresh animation Brave. It's the first Pixar movie with a heroine at its center.

Brave tells the story of a little Scottish girl, Princess Merida, who defies the fate imposed on her by tradition and uses her archery skills to break an ancient curse. Beautifully voiced by the likes of Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson, spectacular Scottish scenery, action, adventure, romance, humor and a wholesome message about daughter-mother relationships, make this superb viewing for the whole family. If you can, see it in 3D which is stunningly rendered.


Positive review
'Brave has a manic, almost daffy energy and sense of humor.' - Rene Rodriguez/Miami Herald

Negative review
'This isn't the NASCAR-fellating cash grab that is the Cars franchise, but it's still Pixar on preachy autopilot.' - Keith Ulich/Time Out New York

Content advice
some scary action and ride humor

  • AUS: PG
  • USA: PG
You will probably like this movie if you liked Coraline, Anastasia, Tangled, Mulan

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