Sunday, March 13, 2005

'God's Call Girl' (The Spirit of Things)

Rachael Kohn, the presenter of the ABC's Spirit of Things recently interviewed Carla Van Raay -- and a fascinating interview it is. Carla entered a convent at the age of eighteen. Twelve years later, she became a call girl who gave sexual, spiritual healing to men for a fee. Underlying all this was a search for spiritual peace. She has recently written a book called God's Callgirl. You can read the transcript of this unusual interview or, for a limited time, listen to the program.

Program Description

Raised in a pious Catholic home, Carla Van Raay was destined to become a nun like her sister. At the age of eighteen, she entered a convent to devote her life to God. What no one expected was that more than 12 years later she'd be plying her trade as a call girl. Carla tells her story of spiritual suffering and triumph, and explains how she discovered the spiritual value of sex, becoming in the process, "God's call girl". But a "demon within" had to be expunged before she could find true spiritual peace.

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