Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Book Review: Comes a Horseman

Comes a HorsemanTwo FBI agents are called in to investigate a series of murders that apparently have nothing in common. However, it soon becomes obvious that they are being carried out by a member of a centuries-old cult. Once they learn what is happening, they also realise the killer is after them. How will they survive? And how will they save humanity?
Robert Liparulo’s Comes a Horseman is a gripping thriller based loosely on a number of end time passages in the Bible (I won’t reveal them otherwise I will give the plot away). Christian themes are subtly woven into the narrative by Liparulo in a way that is fresh and avoids cliches. The main protagonists are real people struggling to come to grips with the terror they find themselves having to handle.
Comes a Horseman is a great read by this new Christian author. The story gallops along at a cracking pace, the dialogue is snappy, there are plenty of twists and turns, and lots of action. The violence is pretty gruesome and vivid - so beware.
It’s an chillingly entertaining yarn with a subtle message about the seductiveness of evil, loyalty, love, and religion.

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