Thursday, May 24, 2007

Creationist Museum

Have a look at the news story below about a new Creationist Museum being built in the US. A couple of things to notice:
  1. The museum designers completely ignore scientific knowledge about the age of the earth and claim the Bible provides the age of the earth - it doesn’t. This is a museum of religious belief - not a scientific enterprise. According to one of the interviewees, the Bible is the absolute source of all knowledge. Another person states that, to work at this museum, you need to believe in God and agree with all the doctrines. This is a religious group even though it might be trying to make itself sound scientific.
  2. They go way beyond the Bible. The museum indulges in pure conjecture about when dinosaurs existed. The Bible doesn’t even mention dinosaurs. Nor does it state an age of the earth. So this museum doesn’t even stick to what the Bible says.
  3. See my post coming soon about the options available for understanding the relationship between the Bible and theology. The one offered in this museum argues that the Bible should come before any other type of inquiry when trying to understand the natural world and science must conform to it. This leads to a religious pseudo-science.
Here’s the news story:

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