Sunday, August 07, 2005

Koranic scholar predicts tsunamis for US (ReasonOnline)

Here's an interesting development: A Palestinian Koranic scholar believes that the Koran predicts that the US will be wiped out by massive tsunamis in 2007, according to Charles Freund in ReasonOnline. According to Ziad Silwadi, passages in the Koran about divine punishment of terrible sins apply to the United States. Freund cites the Jerusalem Post which quotes Silwadi as saying that:

International law penalizes such crimes... If no one on earth is capable of punishing [the U.S.], Allah was and remains able to do so. All these actions have been documented by Allah in a big archive called the Koran.

Apparently, the scholar has arrived at his conclusion by calculations derived from verse counting in the Koran - a typical approach by apocalyptic prognosticators. Check out the whole story here.

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