Saturday, August 06, 2005

Movie Review: 'The Island'

Cloning is a hot topic today - particularly human cloning. Fraught with an enormous range of ethical issues, people argue over whether, even if we were to become capable of cloning individuals, we should do it or not. Michael Bay has courageously tackled some of these issues in his movie The Island. Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a utopian facility following a critical event that has left the earth contaminated. There is only one remaining pristine location on earth called 'The Island' which is slowly being repopulated. But who should have the privilege of going there? The answer is to run a lottery each week. If your name comes up, then you have the privilege of going to the Island. All of the people in this community live their entire lives hoping to win the lottery. But Lincoln Six Echo begins to suspect that there is something more sinister going on. When his friend, Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansen), wins the lottery to go to the Island, Licoln Six Echo discovers what is really happening and decides to break out of the facility. The Island has been criticised by some as not knowing whether it is a serious science fiction movie or action thriller. The answer is: it is both! The Island is an entertaining science fiction/action/thriller that raises some profound questions about the ethics of cloning in the context of a non-stop suspense ride. Sure, parts of it are unbelievable. But I don't care - I loved it! I was entertained while being made to think. It is a movie with the lot: a good story, plenty of action, suspense, and thought-provoking. The movie paints a possible future world where cloning is justified for the common good but with sinister implications. Ignore the critics and go see it! My Rating: ***** (out of 5) Best Review 'Bay's movie couldn't be more timely; whatever you think about this subject, you might admire his attempt to come to grips with it in a summer blockbuster.' - Lawrence Toppman/Charlotte Observer (free registration required) Worst Review 'If you find yourself at "The Island" I have only three words of advice: Vote yourself off.' - Ann Hornaday/Washington Post Content Warnings intense sequences of violence and action, some sexuality and language Related Links

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