Tuesday, August 16, 2005

XXXMinistry (Christianity Today Magazine)

Read this fascinating story about XXXMinistry - the story of two pastors who believe that God has called them to minister to those who are involved with the porn industry and those who are addicted to pornography. The ministry has created controversy within Christian circles but the two pastors concerned believe that it 'is about so deeply feeling the work of Christ that pulled us out of our gutters that we re-enter the gutters in order to call others out as well.'

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  • The two pastors have written a book about their ministry called The Gutter
  • The website run by the two pastors called XXXMinistry
  • A news article at WiredNews about the ministry
  • A Newsweek report on the collaboration between XXXMinistry and a pornographer to produce a public service announcements warning children to stay away from pornography.

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