Sunday, January 22, 2006

Book Review: The Thinker's Guide to God

What a wonderful book and a delightful read! The Thinker's Guide to God is a highly accessible introduction to a whole range of issues about God. In 14 chapters, Vardy and Arliss discuss various understandings of God; religious language; the challenge of anti-realism to belief in God; arguments for and against the existence of God; the attributes of God (what God is like); life after death; miracles and prayer; Jesus, the Trinity, and Christian theology; the relationship between faith and reason; attacks on God by Darwin, Marx, and Freud; the relationship between God and science; and the impact of quantum reality and multi-dimensions on our understanding of God. And all this in just over 250 pages! John Walters, in Dialogue magazine, has stated that, '[a]s a philosopher of religion Peter Vardy is unsurpassed.' He is right. There might not be many pages in the book, but there is incredible substance. Vardy's writing is clear, to the point, fair, and intelligent. If you have ever had doubts about God and feel that modern day ideas and science have undermined belief in God, then you must read this book. Vardy shows that a thinking person can believe in God with integrity and intelligence. The book is beautifully presented beginning with an attractive cover with the stunning Michelangelo painting, The Creation. The glossy pages include photographs, informative sidebars, and questions for consideration that supplement the text in very useful ways. If you have questions about God then don't miss this brilliant little book! Related Links There are an overwhelming number of internet resources related to God and the philosophy of religion. Here are just a few:

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