Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Movie Review: Chicken Little 3D

Disney's first fully computer-generated animation, Chicken Little, is a good, fun, family movie. Disney has developed new digital 3D technology and, where I frequent the movies, was offered as an alternative to the normal theatrical version showing at the same time. I chose the 3D version to check out the new technology! Let me start with the 3D technology. It is excellent! In the past, I have had to wear giant glasses (e.g. at the IMAX) or little cardboard ones with two colours - one for each lense. This time, I was handed "normal"-sized Chicken Little glasses that were very comfortable to wear and fit well over my regular optometrist glasses. The digital technology provided a very clear 3D experience and was thoroughly enjoyable, making the few dollars extra I had to pay for me and my kids worthwhile. My final rating takes into account the 3D experience, so keep that in mind when you decide whether to see the movie yourself. Chicken Little begins 12 months after the shameful embarrassment of Chicken Little warning the townspeople that the sky was falling and being wrong. He has lived under the shadow of this reputation for too long. He longs to prove to everyone, including his Dad, that he is really ok. Then, the opportunity arrives when a piece of an alien space craft falls from the sky and he needs to warn everyone that their town is under threat. The script of Chicken Little is predictable, cliched, and soppy. However, if you sit back, put your feet up, and just enjoy a rare opportunity to watch something innocent and fun, then it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It references other movies and music and, in particular, cleverly parodies The War of the Worlds. Overall, a pleasant couple of hours. And, contra Pete Vander Haar's kids (see below), my kids enjoyed it. My Rating: **** (out of 5) - 3D version My Rating: *** (out of 5) - without 3D Positive Review 'The visuals are irrepressibly witty and so is the script, which morphs from the classic fable into a spoof on "War of the Worlds." I prefer this version to Spielberg's.' - Peter Rainer/Christian Science Monitor Negative Review 'Seriously, it's a bad sign for your "kids movie" when the kids in question are asking their parents, "When is something going to happen?"' - Pete Vonder Haar/Film Threat Related Links

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